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Basic Nutrition

Food is the primary drive of all life, and human life is no exception.  A vast majority of our human family must spend a great deal of time and effort getting enough food to survive.  The fortunate of us have an abundance to choose from, and therefore, we do not have to expend our every waking hour searching for sustenance.

But we must learn to make choice between what we must eat, and what we must not eat.  By choice we mean that both those who have an abundance and those who have not, must use discriminating choice.  Choice holds the keys to health for each group.  Those who have little must choose carefully in order to obtain good nutrition, because food is scarce.  Those who have abundance must choose carefully since so much of what is available to eat is of little or no nutritional value.

The notion that in our land of plenty we do not have to concern ourselves with good nutritional choices is false.  The percentage of people in the United States suffering from malnutrition is surprisingly high.  It is ironic, and we must recognize, that the abundance of choice in the supermarket has contributed to this state of po0r nutrition.

Fast food, convenience foods, and over processed product of modern food technology have placed upon the shelves of our food markets a plethora of lifeless, useless foodstuff.  It is unfortunate that these products account for most of the space taken up in the shopping cart. This is important:

When we go to the supermarket we are making a greater choice than merely between nutritional or non-nutritional product. The choice we make may lead to a condition of vibrant health and energy or toward disease and a foreshortened life span.  We are choosing between health and ill-health.

Food additives in the form of concentrated chemical substances are used by the hundreds in almost everything we eat.  At least one-third of those substances have been determined by the Food and Drug Administration to be unsafe.  Some of them are considered definitely harmful.

Written By:  Dr. Michelle Butler, RND (4/2016)

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