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Parents should home school their children. Children that are home schooled by their parents are healthier and become successful people because of the benefits of homeschooling.  They tend to become successful in their academics, their spiritual development, their family relationships and their social development.

If I were to pitch my argument to other families, encouraging them of the benefit of home schooling their children, I would tell them this:

You do not need to know everything to home school your children. While making the commitment to home-educate your children, opportunity is available for their spiritual training and character development as well as social and academic welfare renders to great benefits.  Home schooled children learn at their own pace and learning style. Each child received individual attention and has unique needs met. Home schooling makes quality time available to train and influence children in all areas in an integrated way.  Children gain respect of their parents. The family experience unity, closeness and mutual enjoyment of each other as they spend more time together. Tutorial-style education helps each child achieve his full educational potential. Children have time to explore new interests and to think.  Communication between different age groups is enhanced.

Homeschoolers tend to graduate from high school early.  They often attend and enter college in accelerated programs. They have fewer sick days and unscheduled days off, because they are at home, and receive better care from their parent.  Martin Beef, homeschooling mom, says “Parents that home school probably tend to be the type of parents who would be more diligent with a child’s health anyway by mere virtue of the fact that one chooses to keep his or her children home for school” (2009).

Home-schooled children tend to be more organized and self-starters, because they are motivated by self-discipline and organization in the home. Godly principals of interaction can be taught, demonstrated and reinforce at home by parents. Children can learn needed skills by interacting with siblings or other children and adults under their parent supervisions, therefore the advantage of freedom from peer pressures can be self-confidence, independent thinking, the ability to relate to people of all ages, and better family relations, better social skills and character.

How do I know, I am a homeschooling mom.


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Written by: Dr. Michelle B.